On September 18, 2013, a community forum of 160 people gathered to discuss the three year strategic plan for Northern Gateway Public Schools. This event,  “Sharing and Shaping: NGPS of Tomorrow, 2013 – 2016″, included representatives from local businesses, community leaders, parents, students and district staff members. During the forum, we began a Thoughtstream, an online process to share and prioritize ideas from a diverse group of people.

Click the “Sharing and Shaping” tab to view the results gathered from that event.

Later, on October 11, 2013, we opened up the same Thoughtstream process to all our Division staff members at our Division-wide event “Voices and Vision: NGPS ofTomorrow, 2013 – 2016″. Division staff have received their final report.

The graphics and reports shown below represent the combined results gathered from both of these Thoughtstreams, and will help to inform our decisions as we continue to adjust our three year strategic plan to reflect the collective input from all of you.

NGRD Strategic Planning Infographic